Printables & Audio for Piano Unit Seven:
Lessons 121-140

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Includes everything you need to get the most out of your Hoffman Academy piano lessons:

  • Music Theory Worksheets & Activity Pages
  • Song Sheets with Practice Instructions
  • Listening Album MP3s
  • Practice Album MP3s

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Practice Album Sample:

All the Pretty Horses
Are You Sleeping?
Black Snake
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In Unit 7, students enter a new world of piano repertoire, learning music as it was written by composer Cornelius Gurlitt. Unit 7 explores many new music terms that describe dynamics and tempo, and includes a new finger power exercise based on the works of Hanon. Concepts from previous units, such as chords and intervals, will be reviewed, and students will learn some familiar, beloved folk songs as well as pieces by Gurlitt from the Romantic period. The music theory and activity pages designed by Joseph Hoffman to accompany this unit will reinforce, expand, and deepen the learning in each video lesson.

The Listening Album is another important part of the learning process, and is something that Mr. Hoffman asks his students to listen to every day. This album features fun and beautiful settings of all the songs students will learn at Hoffman Academy. By listening to this album daily, students become thoroughly familiar with the music, enabling them to progress at a faster, more confident pace.

The Practice Albumfeatures accompaniment tracks to play along with as you practice. This is a great way to make practice fun and musically fulfilling. Having a track to play along with encourages students to keep a steady beat and to play with precision and expression. Another benefit of the Practice Album is that the tracks provide opportunity for students to improvise, in other words, to make up melodies spontaneously. Using the Practice Album, students will get to explore the creative side of music making. Frequent practice with improvisation helps students to realize that music is a creative form of expression that they can engage in at any age and any level. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

The Parent’s Guide will provide you with instructions for making piano practice time effective and successful. Excellent progress on the piano requires daily practice. Children usually need guidance from a parent to get the most out of their practice time. The Parent’s Guide will give you the information you need to become a successful Practice Partner and Coach to your child as they continue their journey in piano playing.

Unit 7 Contents

  • Listening & Practice Album Guides
  • Vivace Sheet Music
  • Note Speller Activity Pages
  • Dynamics Activity Pages
  • All the Pretty Horses Sheet Music
  • Improvisation Activity Page
  • Intervals Activity Page
  • Dance Sheet Music
  • Pentascale Activity Page
  • Tempo Activity Pages
  • Composition Activity Page
  • Fingers 1-2 Stretch Activity Page
  • Sight Reading Challenge Pages
  • Are You Sleeping? Sheet Music
  • Missing Bar Lines & Time Signatures Activity Page
  • Chord Speller Activity Pages
  • Black Snake Sheet Music
  • Fingers 2-3 Stretch Activity Page
  • Missing Rhythms Activity Page
  • Music Symbol Matching Activity Page

6 reviews for Printables & Audio for Piano Unit Seven:
Lessons 121-140

  1. Andreea (verified owner)

    Very much waited by my daughter, the loves the romantic period. She wanted to spend much more time on each piece is the first she takes her time for each new melody. I really liked UNIT 7.

  2. Jing Li (verified owner)

    I am an adult student. When I decided to learn to play piano, I googled and found a lot of programs online. But I chose Hoffman Academy. Why? First, the lessons start from very beginning, really good for someone like me to start from zero. Second, the lessons not only teach playing pieces, but also teach theory. Third, the way Mr. Hoffman teaches makes playing piano not hard. Finally and the most important aspect is that this program continues. I started from Unit 1 and have just finished Unit 7 and waiting for Unit 8. If you are an adult and want to learn to play piano, I strongly recommend this program to you. It’s the best. One thing I’m a little worried for the future is that no one corrects you.

  3. Jane (verified owner)

    Great teaching again consistent with all the previous units.
    One comment..I know I can replay the video to practice but I would like to have one more opportunity to play each piece as it is presented. I feel like a repeat after playing the whole piece would help to solidify the learning.

    • Hoffman Academy (verified owner)

      Thanks very much for your feedback. We try to keep the lesson videos short, as it is more conducive to a child’s attention span; however, it’s good to know that our students benefit from hearing a full performance of the song. I hope you find our listening album helpful in this respect.

  4. Rachel Lall (verified owner)

    We love it because it’s so much fun learning piano with Mr. Hoffman. Just finished learning the duet of all the pretty horses.

  5. mackflynn (verified owner)

    Another consistently enjoyable set of lessons with clear directions and supportive activities! Well done Mr. H.

  6. Mila


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