Printables & Audio for Piano Unit Six:
Lessons 101-120

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Includes everything you need to get the most out of your Hoffman Academy piano lessons:

  • Music Theory Worksheets & Activity Pages
  • Song Sheets with Practice Instructions
  • Listening Album MP3s
  • Practice Album MP3s
  • Parent’s Guide

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Practice Album Sample:

Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Harvest Dance
Kye Kye Kule
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Printables & Audio for Unit 6 will continue to build on the foundation laid in previous units, as students explore more advanced piano literature, pentascales and rhythms. The concept of the circle of 5ths is introduced, and the unit culminates with students being able to play all 24 major and minor pentascales. All 49 pages of music theory activity pages and sheet music were designed by Joseph Hoffman to reinforce, expand, and deepen the learning in each video lesson.


The Listening Album is another important part of the learning process, and is something that Mr. Hoffman asks his students to listen to every day. This album features fun and beautiful settings of all the songs students will learn at Hoffman Academy. By listening often to this album, students become thoroughly familiar with the music, enabling the lessons to progress at a faster, more confident pace.


The Practice Album features accompaniment tracks to play along with as you practice. This is a great way to make practice fun and musically fulfilling. Having a track to play along with encourages students to always keep a steady beat, and to play with precision and expression. Another benefit of the Practice Album is that is provides opportunity for a student to improvise, in other words, learning to make up your own melodies, spontaneously, on the spot. Using the Practice Album, students will get to explore the creative side of music making. Frequent practice with improvisation helps students to realize that music is a creative form of expression that they can engage in at any age and any level. Plus it’s a lot of fun!


The Parent’s Guide will provide you with instructions for making piano practice time effective and successful. Excellent progress on the piano requires daily practice. However, children usually need guidance from a parent to get the most out of their practice time. The Parent’s Guide will give you the information you need to become a successful Practice Partner and Coach to your child as they begin their journey into piano playing.


Unit 6 Contents:

  • Listening & Practice Album Guides
  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat Sheet Music
  • D-flat Major Pentascale Activity Page
  • Ties Activity Page
  • Flats, Sharps & Enharmonics Activity Pages
  • C-sharp Minor Activity Page
  • Lady, Lady Sheet Music
  • E-flat Major & Minor Pentascale Activity Page
  • Missing Bar Lines Activity Page
  • Missing Rhythms Activity Page
  • F-sharp Major & Minor Activity Pages
  • Harvest Dance Sheet Music
  • Whole Rests & Half Rests Activity Page
  • A-flat Major & Minor Pentascale Activity Pages
  • Sight Reading Challenge Cards
  • Au Clair de la Lune Sheet Music
  • Subdividing Beats Activity Pages
  • Eighth Rests Activity Page
  • Melodic Dictation Cut-out
  • B Major & Minor Pentascale Activity Page
  • Transposing “Ode to Joy” Activity Page
  • Kye Kye Kule Sheet Music
  • B-flat Major & Minor Pentascale Activity Pages
  • Question & Answer Melodies Activity Page
  • All Major & Minor Pentascales Activity Pages

7 reviews for Printables & Audio for Piano Unit Six:
Lessons 101-120

  1. Christine (verified owner)

    I cannot say enough good things about Unit 6 and Hoffman Academy as a whole. My son has learned so much and has loved Mr. Hoffman’s approach to teaching. The materials are thorough and engaging. I’ve been involved with music my whole life but have never played piano fluently. Yet even I have learned a lot as I have sat with my son during lesson time. I tell everyone I know who’s interested in piano to try Hoffman Academy. I has made music education very affordable and a complete joy for our family.

  2. Rachel (verified owner)

    My son loves the lessons. We have been learning with Mr. Hoffman since 4 years now. All lessons are so engaging and encouraging. My son looks forward to watching the next video. The puppet show at the end of each video is such a good idea, it motivates the kids to watch and finish the lesson.
    I myself is a beginner at piano playing. Now my son plays much much better than me and that makes me feel so proud. All thanks to Mr. Hoffman. We are on lesson 115. And I hope Unit 7 is releasing soon so we can continue learning.

  3. Leah Kackley (verified owner)

    I have to be honest – the kids haven’t reached this Unit yet. But, if Unit 6 is ANYthing like the previous five units, then I will be 100% pleased. I simply went ahead and got Unit 6 as soon as it came available because of how excellent the other units have been so far. My kids are learning to play the piano and they have had not one single traditional lesson. It has been SO nice letting them move at their own pace and follow their own rabbit trails. I’m able to see which of them might have some real interest in music and which ones are merely going to be enriched by the activity, even if they don’t pursue the piano seriously. I am SO grateful to the Hoffman family for their hard work and vision and determination to make this music education available like they have. May God continue to bless your endeavors greatly!

  4. Andreea (verified owner)

    It was an important step in my daughter piano learning, gave her the opportunity to review what was learn before. It also encouraged her to compose more- and it was a nice surprise to see that she is composing from songs she hears around. What we enjoyed so much were the songs and compositions you chose from different cultures and countries which for us and our education was a trigger, a plus. It did not represent a challenge in understanding but rather a smooth process of reviewing basic piano knowledge. We are ready for No 7 🙂 All the best

  5. GERALDO DAS GRAÇAS DA SILVA (verified owner)


  6. Amaya

    Dear Mr Hoffman,

    I have been buying your material (since early 2014) to teach my daughter (who is now 6.5 years old). She loves your videos and material — other than on days she is tired from other activities :-). She is now at lesson 117.

    Prior to buying your material to teach my daughter, I never played the piano (I am an intermediate-level guitar player). I find your videos and material a great way for me to help my daughter learn to play and love the piano.

    Thank you very much and best wishes!

  7. Rod Hubbard (verified owner)

    Great as always! Units 101 -120 include some great songs. If you’ve purchased other Hoffman Academy units and liked them, purchasing units 101-120 is a no brainer. I find the materials to be very helpful supplements to the videos and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to learn the piano. If you’re going to take the time to watch the videos and practice, then I think that it is worth the small investment in the supplemental materials to make your practice time more productive and rewarding. I hope that you enjoy learning the piano through Hoffman Academy as much as I do!

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