The Hoffman Academy Story

The Hoffman Academy Story

Hoffman Academy began in 2007 in Mr. Hoffman’s living room, in Portland, Oregon, where he taught both private and group piano lessons to about 40 kids and adults. One year later he rented a small cottage where he was able to keep the Academy growing with the help of 2 additional teachers. Soon Mr. Hoffman realized that there was a greater demand for piano lessons than he was able to satisfy, and so the idea was born to provide piano lessons online. After weighing several options for a business model, Mr. Hoffman and his wife decided that they wanted every video lesson to be free, so there would be no barrier to any child in the world who wanted to learn to play the piano. The only thing they would charge for were the lesson materials, which Mr. Hoffman created to supplement and reinforce the learning in the video lessons. The video lessons themselves would always be free.



The first video lesson went live on January 2, 2010, under the banner of “” In September 2013, the name of the website changed to “Hoffman Academy” to help reach a wider audience, and to pave the way for adding lessons for additional instruments in the future. In early 2016, Mr. Hoffman completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of a whole new online music learning experience, and in 2017 he launched Hoffman Academy 2.0, which integrates the video lessons with progress tracking, practice instructions, and online learning games.


Mr. Hoffman has uploaded over 160 video lessons, viewed over 7 million times by piano students around the world, and he’s always actively creating new lessons, learning materials, and games for his online academy.


Today, Mr. Hoffman directs the Hoffman Academy of Music of Portland, Oregon, serving over 300 students taught by a staff of 13 teachers, as he continues to create online lessons for Mr. Hoffman is passionate about making music accessible, fun, and relevant for kids and adults. His unique Hoffman Method provides a rigorous and complete music education, while appealing to a child’s natural curiosity and playful spirit. We hope you’ll join us in our mission to make great music education available to everyone, everywhere.