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Your issue is important to us, so please use the contact form to let us know what’s on your mind. We respond to all requests in the order we receive them. In most cases, we are able to reply within 24 hours for issues submitted on weekdays; however, we are a small team doing the best we can and we thank you for your patience. In the mean time, you might be able to get an answer immediately by browsing these current issues below or by reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions.

I did Kickstarter or the Pre-Sale and I am having trouble activating my Premium Membership.

First, click on the “ACTIVATE” button in an email we sent you (be sure to check your spam folder if you didn’t get it). Using this button connects your reward/order to your account, but there is still one more step! Next you need to finalize the activation of your premium membership by assigning Premium to the specific students of your choice. Please log in (and use the email link if you haven’t already) and click on the purple “Activate Premium Membership” card in your account dashboard or “Students” page to grant the premium memberships to student profiles of your choice.

Click here to see screenshots to help you through this process.

I can’t find my materials which I already purchased on your old site.

To find your previously purchased Complete Materials, go to Account, then click on Materials. At the top of the Materials page is a blue box with a link to the materials. Note that you must be logged in with the same email address you used to purchase the materials.

How Do I Download My Materials as a Premium Member?

Premium members of Hoffman Academy have multiple ways to access the printable and audio materials for our lessons:

  • In the Account Owner’s dashboard, there is a link called “Materials.” There you will see the printable and audio materials for each student’s current progress, available for download. Printables here are bundled in a full unit PDF file. Audio files are downloaded in a zip file that contains two folders: the Listening Album and the Practice album. Within those folders you will find the audio files in MP3 form. This provides you with the materials for the unit the student is currently working on. Once they have progressed to the next unit, those materials will become available. To download materials from a previous unit, the student will need to complete a lesson or practice session in that unit to reset their progress point.
  • On each lesson page, you may find links below the video viewing area that allow you to view or download the printable materials for that lesson, and to listen to the audio files for that lesson. If a lesson is missing these links, it is either because that particular lesson has no associated files, or because you have accessed the lesson as a guest or basic member of our site.
  • In the practice sessions, many tasks have associated materials. As on the lesson pages, you may view or download the printables as well as listen to the audio tracks.

Why can’t I access the Premium features or materials even though I’m a Premium member?

There are a few issues that could cause this problem:

  • You may have been inadvertantly logged out of your Premium profile. Take a look at the upper right corner of your screen; if you see your avatar there, you’re still logged in. If not, please log in again.
  • Your most recent subscription payment may have failed, expiring your Premium membership. Visit your Account dashboard and click on Billing to check your last successful payment date and make sure your card on file is correct.

If these suggestions don’t restore your access to Premium features, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

How do I cancel my Premium membership?

You may cancel your premium membership at any time. In order to do this, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your Hoffman Academy account and select “Manage Account.”
  2. On the Students page, click on the Manage Premium button above the student avatars.
  3. Switch your student’s membership status from Premium to Free and click Continue.
  4. To confirm your cancellation, return to your Manage Premium page and check the status of your cancelled student. Their avatar will still have a purple Premium badge, but their status will be “Free.” There should also be a notification below that states when their Premium membership will expire.

This will cancel your subscription and prevent you from automatically being charged for renewal, but will still allow you to use your premium membership through the period of time that you have already paid for. If you have cancelled within 30 days of signing up, please notify us when these steps are complete and we will be happy to extend a full refund. When a refund is issued, Premium access will expire immediately.

My question wasn’t one of the ones above.

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