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A Million Dreams - Elementary (Easy) Version

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Hello and welcome to this easy piano tutorial for "A Million Dreams" from The Greatest Showman. If you're looking for something harder, please check out my intermediate tutorial for this song. Let's come to the piano to get started. All right, let's find our hand position. This is my middle C, and I'm going to place my left hand finger 2 on D. That's the first note
of the chorus which is what we're going to learn today.
And then right hand finger 2 is going to be on G. That's the first note of the right hand.
♫'Cause every night♫ Let's try to play that. Two D's: D D G G. Now your turn.
Now I find it easiest to learn a song if we're singing the word. So try singing the words as you play. ♫'Cause every night♫ Now your turn.
Good, and then we're gonna step up to two A's ♫I lie♫
With the right hand, your turn.
Then it steps up again to two B's ♫in bed♫
So notice the pattern. We have two D's, two G's, two A's, and then two B's.
♫'Cause every night I lie in bed♫
Now your turn.
This pattern of two notes, two repeating notes, is going to
go throughout this chorus, so just keep that in mind.
Now let's go on to the next line: ♫the bright♫ two more D's, and then two F-sharps which we're going to use finger 1, so make sure
your hand just comes forward so that finger 1 can reach the F-sharp. ♫the brightest col-♫
Two D's: ♫the brightest col♫ of 'colors'. Now you try.
Now let's go on a little bit further. Then we're going to have two G's, and then two A's.
And putting that all together we get: ♫the brightest colors fill my head♫
Now your turn.
Now let's put those two lines together. ♫'Cause every night I lie in bed, the brightest colors fill my head♫
Okay, pause and work on those first two phrases, then press play to go on.
Okay, next we're going to have a G, and then up a fourth to C.
♫A million dreams♫
Then as we go up a fourth to C, and then step down for two B's.
A million dreams. Now you try.
Then after that we have two A's: ♫are keep♫ and then ♫in me♫ two G's.
So again, ♫a mil-♫ two B's ♫-lion dreams♫ two A's ♫are keep-♫ then two G's ♫-ing me♫
Now you try.
And then it steps up to A for ♫a-♫, and then ♫-wake♫ you're going to use left hand finger 1 on E. ♫awake♫ Now you try.
So let's put that all together. ♫A million dreams are keeping me awake♫
Now pause and work on that phrase, then press play to go on.
Okay, and now we have new lyrics but the same melody that we had at the start.
♫I think of what the world could be♫ Remember our pattern? Two D's, two G's, two A's, two B's.
Now you try.
Good, and then we have two D's, two F-sharps, two G's, two A's.
A vision of the one I see.
Now press pause and practice that phrase on your own, then press play to go on.
So putting those two phrases together we get:
♫I think of what the world could be,♫
♫a vision of the one I see♫
Pause if you need more practice with that, otherwise let's keep going.
We go up a fourth again from G up to C.
A million dreams is all. Now you try.
And then we step down to G. ♫It's gonna take♫ G G A G Now you try.
Putting that together we get ♫a million dreams is all it's gonna take♫
Now pause and work on that phrase on your own, and then press play to go on.
Good, and then we rest for 3 beats, 1 2 3.
♫Oh a million dreams for the world we're gonna make♫
Now, let's take that one step at a time. So this is all in the left hand. Left hand starts finger 4 on B.
You're gonna kind of just let your hand stay in this position the entire song.
And again, when your right hand needs to use the F-sharp, we'll move the hand forward, otherwise, they can just hang out on these white keys, but the left hand now is going to take a turn. 4 2 are your finger numbers. So you skip up B to D, and then E.
♫Oh, a million dreams♫
Now you try.
And then we have ♫for the world♫ up a fourth again, ♫for the world♫ Now your turn.
Now let's add some more ♫for the world♫, then it steps down.
Steps down, steps down, repeat. ♫for the world we're gonna make♫ Now you try.
Now let's put that all together, ♫Oh a million dreams for the world we're gonna make♫
Now pause and work on that phrase on your own, then press play to go on.
Now, I've shown you the entire chorus for "A Million Dreams",
and this is in the same key as the original movie soundtrack version.
So if you like, you could play this along with
the singers on the soundtrack and have lots of fun playing this. This is a simplified version just the chorus, and when you're more advanced you can try my
intermediate version for even more fun.
But let's go through the whole thing now. You can play along with me if you like or you can just listen, but let's do the entire chorus.
I'll count 4 beats and then away we go.
Here we go. Our first note is here on D left hand.
1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4
1 2 3
Great work learning the chorus of a million dreams today.
Thanks watching and learning with me, and happy practicing!
A million dreams? That's a lot of dreams.
Sure is.
Speaking of dreams, at night I keep having this dream about a horse in full battle armor.
Actually it's probably more of a nightmare.
Hahaha, nightmare, good one.
You are the main man.
Quit horsing around. Hahaha
It's time to reign it in Scuba. Hahaha
Yeah, I guess it would be-hoof us to move on.
Hahaha, you said it.