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A Whole New World

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It's time for "A Whole New World"
on piano.
Now, do you trust me?
I said, do you trust do you trust me?
Then jump!
First I want to say that
you probably know this song.
You probably can't help but sing along when you hear
it come on the radio.
So if you do know it that well, I encourage you to sing
along as you play.
It's going to help you keep track of where you are in the song.
speaking of where we are,
I am going to do just a short excerpt from the middle of
the song.
if you're looking on the sheet music
online, from sheetmusicdirect,
I'm doing the easy piano version.
I'm on page two at the very bottom, the last measure where it says 'A whole new world!'.
That's where we're beginning.
You can find a link to download the music in the description below.
First, I'll play it for you once.
♫A whole new world!♫
♫A dazzling place I never knew.♫
♫But when I'm way up here it's crystal clear♫
♫that now I'm
in a whole new world with you♫
So I'm just going to teach you the melody today.
First we're
going to start with our right hand in E minor position.
That means our 1 finger
on E, and all fingers get a white key
except for your 2 finger, or your index
That'll be on the black key.
I'm going to play this part for you once and
then show you.
♫A whole new world!♫
So we start on our 2 finger,
step up, skip up, and then come
back down.
♫A whole new world!♫
Now you try.
Good! The next bar goes,
♫A dazzling place I never knew.♫
So this starts the same way 'A whole new world!' starts.
♫A dazzling place♫
Then we have three more notes.
♫I never knew♫
Start on your thumb, skip up, then come down to your index finger. Play that twice.
♫A dazzling place I never knew.♫
Now you try.
Yeah, right!
Let's go back to the beginning.
♫A whole new world!♫
♫A dazzling place I never knew.♫
Now you try.
This next part I'll show you first.
♫But when I'm way up here♫
So, you notice that it's something tricky.
It's not as hard as it seems.
you're going to play your 2 finger,
and anchor it down on that note.
Then, tuck your thumb under to play that next note,
and your 2 finger will come
around to the note above your thumb.
♫But when I'm♫
♫But when I'm♫
Now you try those three notes.
To add, ♫But when I'm way up here♫
So, we're gonna skip our 3 finger,
and go to this black key that we have our 4
finger on.
♫way up here♫
The two together,
sound like this:
♫But when I'm way up here♫
Now you try.
Now you're going to bring in your left hand.
The hand that you've been wondering where it's
been all this time.
We're going to put our thumb on D.
That's in between these two
black notes
and this little note where we say 'it's', we're going to play with our thumb.
♫it's crystal clear♫
So you play with your thumb, then you jump back up to
your forefinger,
♫crystal clear♫
So you step up to your pinky, then go all the way
down to your 2 finger.
♫it's crystal clear♫
Now you try.
Good, now remember you can pause and go
back any time,
but let's try to play this whole line together
from 'But when I'm'.
You're going to start in E minor position and immediately cross under.
♫But when I'm way up here it's crystal clear♫
Good, now for this next part your right
hand will come back down to D major position.
That means all fingers have a
key, but your 3 finger is under F-sharp.
♫that now I'm in a whole new world with
you so you♫
So you start on your thumb,
then play, ♫hot cross buns♫, or MI RE DO,
just going down to your thumb again.
♫that now I'm in a♫, step up,
then we skip up to our forefinger
♫whole new♫ step down, ♫whole new♫,
then skip back down to our thumb, ♫world♫.
Now this last part's a little tricky.
You cross your 2 finger over to C-sharp the black key.
While you keep your thumb
on D.
You play your 2 finger,
and then play your thumb again.
So this whole thing looks like this:
♫that now I'm in a whole new world with you.♫
Try doing it once on
your own and then we'll play together.
All right, ready?
♫that now I'm in a whole
new world with you♫
You did it!
All right, let's try to play the whole song from
the beginning.
Remember, if you missed anything or if
anything didn't click right away, go back and review it.
♫A whole new world! ...