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Can You Feel The Love Tonight

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♫In the jungle, the mighty jungle♫
♫The lion sleeps tonight♫
♫In the jungle, the mighty jungle♫
♫The lion sleeps tonight♫
All right let's begin. But wait, before we
Check out the link below this video.
You can buy the music for "Can You Feel
the Love Tonight" there.
On that sheet music you'll see at the bottom a
different part with smaller notes.
That's the accompaniment part.
That part is really cool if you know someone who plays piano who can play it along with you.
But today we are just going to learn the top part which is the melody.
Alright, so let's start with your posture.
You're gonna put right hand in C
That means your thumb is on C.
Every finger has a white key.
And also your left hand
is going to have your thumb on C.
And every finger will have a white
key going down.
That means both thumbs will share middle C.
This might seem a
bit funny, but it's just to teach you where middle C is.
So for now we're going to do it that way.
Okay, I'm gonna play the first phrase and
then break it down.
♫Can you feel the love tonight?♫
Alright, so this starts on your 5
finger in your right hand.
You're going to say ♫Can♫ then skip your finger to your
middle finger.
♫Can you♫ then step down, ♫feel♫.
♫Can you feel♫ Now you try.
Good, let me point out that there's a tie
those two notes right above 'feel'.
That tie connects the notes so you won't
play that note twice.
You're just going to hold it longer.
I'll show you again. ♫Can
you feel♫
and you just hold the note out.
So for the next part we say ♫the love♫
So we
go back up to our pinkie and skip down.
The whole thing goes, ♫Can you feel the
Now you try.
If you noticed, there was another
tie right above 'love'.
Again, you're just going to hold the note out.
Now, the last two notes of this phrase with your left hand you're going to play thumb,
Then skip down
to your 3 finger.
And again there's a tie so you hold it out.
Okay, let's go back to the beginning.
You can feel free to watch the first time and
then pause it later, or play along with me.
♫Can you feel the love tonight?♫
Now you try.
All right now the next three notes are
kind of not part of the melody.
They're more of a musical interlude,
or some
notes between the phrases.
It goes like this:
So there are no words attached to
but it's just kind of nice to fill in between the phrases.
It goes, thumb,
skip down, step down to your forefinger.
I'll show you one more time then you
Now you.
all right so let's go right into the next phrase.
I'm going to show you the
whole phrase and then I'll break it down.
♫It is where we are.♫
All right so to start, we start with our
left hand on the same note we landed on.
We have the musical interlude you could
and then that same note starts the next phrase.
♫It is♫ skip up to your thumb,
then go to your right hand, your forefinger.
♫where we are.♫
So you just step
down: 4 3 2
And now you're going to layer notes on top of each other
the next two notes are not part of the melody,
but it's another part where it
fills in the gaps between the phrases.
I'll show you the whole phrase. Pay
attention to the end.
♫It is where we are.♫
So I hold down my 2 finger
and I play
my left hand, thumb, 2 finger.
So I basically stepped down,
the whole time.
All right, let's play this
whole phrase together. Ready?
Starting on your forefinger in your left hand.
♫It is where we are.♫
Great! If you didn't get it, just pause
the video and try it again.
Now, let's go back to the beginning and play this
whole thing together.
You can watch the first time, and then pause it, or you can play it along with me.
Ready, go.
♫Can you feel the love tonight?♫
♫It is where we are.♫
Now you try.
Good, alright we're going on to the next
part, are you ready?
Well, we're gonna start anyway so let's
go for it.
We start on our 3 finger in our left hand.
It starts:
♫It's enough♫,
by just stepping up.
♫It's enough♫
And then we skip down again to our forefinger
♫for this♫ So the whole thing goes:
♫It's enough for this♫ Now you try.
Then we're going to jump up to our right hand,
and basically just do skips down the
Watch first:
♫w ...