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Can You Feel The Love Tonight

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♫In the jungle, the mighty jungle♫
♫The lion sleeps tonight♫
♫In the jungle, the mighty jungle♫
♫The lion sleeps tonight♫
All right let's begin. But wait, before we
Check out the link below this video.
You can buy the music for "Can You Feel
the Love Tonight" there.
On that sheet music you'll see at the bottom a
different part with smaller notes.
That's the accompaniment part.
That part is really cool if you know someone who plays piano who can play it along with you.
But today we are just going to learn the top part which is the melody.
Alright, so let's start with your posture.
You're gonna put right hand in C
That means your thumb is on C.
Every finger has a white key.
And also your left hand
is going to have your thumb on C.
And every finger will have a white
key going down.
That means both thumbs will share middle C.
This might seem a
bit funny, but it's just to teach you where middle C is.
So for now we're going to do it that way.
Okay, I'm gonna play the first phrase and
then break it down.
♫Can you feel the love tonight?♫
Alright, so this starts on your 5
finger in your right hand.
You're going to say ♫Can♫ then skip your finger to your
middle finger.
♫Can you♫ then step down, ♫feel♫.
♫Can you feel♫ Now you try.
Good, let me point out that there's a tie
those two notes right above 'feel'.
That tie connects the notes so you won't
play that note twice.
You're just going to hold it longer.
I'll show you again. ♫Can
you feel♫
and you just hold the note out.
So for the next part we say ♫the love♫
So we
go back up to our pinkie and skip down.
The whole thing goes, ♫Can you feel the
Now you try.
If you noticed, there was another
tie right above 'love'.
Again, you're just going to hold the note out.
Now, the last two notes of this phrase with your left hand you're going to play thumb,
Then skip down
to your 3 finger.
And again there's a tie so you hold it out.
Okay, let's go back to the beginning.
You can feel free to watch the first time and
then pause it later, or play along with me.
♫Can you feel the love tonight?♫
Now you try.
All right now the next three notes are
kind of not part of the melody.
They're more of a musical interlude,
or some
notes between the phrases.
It goes like this:
So there are no words attached to
but it's just kind of nice to fill in between the phrases.
It goes, thumb,
skip down, step down to your forefinger.
I'll show you one more time then you
Now you.
all right so let's go right into the next phrase.
I'm going to show you the
whole phrase and then I'll break it down.
♫It is where we are.♫
All right so to start, we start with our
left hand on the same note we landed on.
We have the musical interlude you could
and then that same note starts the next phrase.
♫It is♫ skip up to your thumb,
then go to your right hand, your forefinger.
♫where we are.♫
So you just step
down: 4 3 2
And now you're going to layer notes on top of each other
the next two notes are not part of the melody,
but it's another part where it
fills in the gaps between the phrases.
I'll show you the whole phrase. Pay
attention to the end.
♫It is where we are.♫
So I hold down my 2 finger
and I play
my left hand, thumb, 2 finger.
So I basically stepped down,
the whole time.
All right, let's play this
whole phrase together. Ready?
Starting on your forefinger in your left hand.
♫It is where we are.♫
Great! If you didn't get it, just pause
the video and try it again.
Now, let's go back to the beginning and play this
whole thing together.
You can watch the first time, and then pause it, or you can play it along with me.
Ready, go.
♫Can you feel the love tonight?♫
♫It is where we are.♫
Now you try.
Good, alright we're going on to the next
part, are you ready?
Well, we're gonna start anyway so let's
go for it.
We start on our 3 finger in our left hand.
It starts:
♫It's enough♫,
by just stepping up.
♫It's enough♫
And then we skip down again to our forefinger
♫for this♫ So the whole thing goes:
♫It's enough for this♫ Now you try.
Then we're going to jump up to our right hand,
and basically just do skips down the
Watch first:
♫wide-eyed wanderer♫
So I go from my pinkie, to my 3
finger, and this middle C,
which you can do with left thumb or right thumb.
♫wanderer♫ and I skip down again.
I'll play one more time and then you play.
♫wide-eyed wanderer♫
Now you try.
Yeah, let's go back to the beginning of this phrase.
It starts
on our 3 finger in our left hand.
♫It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer♫
Now, if you didn't get it, just pause the
video and play it again.
Alright, let's finish this phrase.
So we
just ended on ♫wanderer♫,
now we're going to go back to our right hand and go:
♫that we got this far♫
So we start on our forefinger in our right hand,
and we just
stepped down for:
♫that we got♫
But then we're going to play two quick notes.
♫this far.♫ and then our left hand plays right away after that.
Now 'this far' is going to be 'this far', and
then your left hand will play that C.
So these two notes will overlap.
It seems
kind of weird because they're right next to each other,
but it's because we relax
into this next note.
It's called a suspension, and it sounds really really
pretty when it's in context.
Let me play the whole line again and then you play
it back.
♫that we got this far.♫
Now you try.
Great, now you may have noticed this
whole time that I'm only singing
the top line of all the words.
That's because
we're going to repeat and go back to the beginning,
and the second time we play it
we'll sing the second line of words.
So if you look at the end of this line, you
see 'and', and then two big bold lines
and dots next to that line. That's a repeat sign.
That means we go through that portal,
and right back to the beginning.
All right so we're going to go: 'that we got this far.',
and then go right back to thebeginning for the second verse.
So, starting on your forefinger in your
right hand, ready, here we go,
♫that we got this far.♫
♫and Can you feel the love tonight?♫
♫How it's laid to rest?♫
♫It's enough to make kings and vagabonds♫
♫believe the♫
Because we have to go to the second ending.
If you look above
the staff there's a number one and a line above it.
That's the first ending.
So when we come to it the second time after we've repeated,
we want to go to the one
that says two.
Can you find out in your music?
Yeah it's just the line below. So
we're gonna go: ♫believe the very best.♫
So we're basically going instead of playing
'got this far', we're playing 'very best'.
Let's do that one more time so where our eyes
can get used to it.
♫believe the very best.♫
Great job learning the whole song,
and now we have an added section at the end, it's a little bit more tricky cause hands are moving together,
but if you're ready for an extra challenge, then let's do it.
It's going to be kind of another musical interlude where there are no words but lots of pretty harmonies.
I'm going to start right at 'best'. We have a middle C,
Okay, to break it down, we start on middle
and then our right hand is going to step up to our 2 finger,
while our left
hand steps down to its 2 finger.
So we start here, then we step out,
then the
right hand plays another note while the left hand stays.
It goes from 2 finger
to 5 finger.
So we start on C,
step out,
5 finger, try that on your own.
and then we're gonna step down on both hands.
We go ♫best.♫, step out,
5 finger,
step down in both hands,
and then we're going step down again,
but the right hand
is going to add another note after.
So I just did a couple measures.
We start on ♫best♫, step out,
5 finger, both hands step down, hold it.
Both hands step down,
then the middle C.
Okay now pause the video if you have to
review that, but I'm going to go on.
Then the left hand is on its
forefinger right? It's gonna step up
to a 3 finger and step up again.
Then step down and step up again as if it's repeating those two notes.
and then end on C.
Now let me show you the whole thing from that bottom note.
3, step up, step down, step up, step up.
Now you try.
Now if you notice, right hand has a
measure where there are no notes,
and it just looks like a little black line.
That's a whole rest.
That means the right hand is not going to do anything
for those notes in the left hand.
So the left hand does 3, step up, and then
right hand will join,
and I'll just show you right hand for simplicity.
We have
1 2 3, just stepping up.
And the hands together at this part will be
stepping up in thirds, watch:
Third, third, third.
So from the bottom note in your
left hand you'll go:
3 2
Isn't that pretty?
Okay, I'm going to go back to the beginning of this end section right at 'best'
and play the whole thing hands together again.
You can pause if you need
to review anything. Ready?
And then we have our double bar line
which means we're done.
All right, so we're going to play the whole thing. The
first line of lyrics,
repeat into the second line of lyrics, go to the second
all the way to the end.
Now if you feel you have to review anything in the
or like you didn't get it because
you did it twice and now it's not
perfect, that's because it's hard,
so you have to just rewind and try things again,
and when you think you're ready, come play this whole thing with me.
1 2 3 4
♫Can you feel the love
♫It is where we are.♫
♫It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer
that we got this far.♫
♫and Can you feel the love tonight?♫
♫How it's laid to rest?♫
♫It's enough to make kings and vagabonds♫
♫believe the very best.♫
Awesome, thank you so much for playing
this with me today.
Congradulatioins on learning a Disney classic "Can You Feel
the Love Tonight".
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Happy practicing!