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Can't Stop the Feeling , Part 1

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Hello and welcome. I'm Joseph Hoffman, and
today we are learning how to play "Can't
Stop the Feeling"
a.k.a. "Dance Dance Dance" as performed by
Justin Timberlake. This is my preparatory
level tutorial for anyone very new to
piano, let's say zero to six months'
experience. If you're looking for
something harder, you can check out my
level 1 or level 2 tutorial. What. Oh, the
hair? I heard this song was from some
movie about trolls or something. Okay
let's come to the piano to get started.
One thing about my piano tutorials is
you're not just going to learn to play
songs, you're going to learn a few things
about reading music too.
Let's take a quick look at the sheet
music. We've got this symbol here which
is called a whole rest, it's a kind of little black
rectangle. Whenever you see that you're
going to count 4 beats of rest. This is
one whole measure. These bar lines show
you where the measures are, so here's one
measure. If you're going to count 1 2 3 4.
Just do nothing, a rest means you're just
waiting, and then right here you'll see
this note head is a D and you tell that
you're in the treble clef you've got
this line right here and it's just below
this bottom line. That note's called D, and
you've got 3 of them, so we'll play D D D.
Alright, so on the piano you'll take your
right hand finger 2, which is your
pointer finger, and on this middle D
after you wait four beats of rest, which
means do nothing, let's try it- one two
three four- you waited and then you go D
D D. So try that with me whenever we rest
I'd like you to count how many beats out
loud that will help you keep the steady
beat and then we'll play 3 Ds. So try this
with me, let's count it, go. ♫"One two three
four, D D D."♫
Good. Now, in the real song what you're
going to hear is Justin Timberlake is
going to be singing ♫"Nothing I can see
but you, when you.."♫ and while he's singing
all that that's when you're counting
those four beats, and then you'll play
♫"dance, dance, dance"♫ with him.
Okay now let's go back to the sheet
music and see what comes next after you
play "dance dance dance" then you've got
this quarter rest, which means "rest" or do
nothing, be silent for one beat. So you
can just kind of think "rest" for that. Now,
well do we have next? Another whole rest.
So once again we're going to count "one
two three four" and then three more Ds,
♫"dance dance dance, rest,"♫ then we do that
again. Four more beats of rest "one two
three four, dance dance dance,
rest" and then four more beats of rest.
and during these rest this is again when
Justin Timberlake is singing and here
he's singing ♫"nobody leaving soon so keep"♫
and then you're going to play ♫"dancing."♫
This is a D as we've seen before, and
this one goes a little bit lower, you can
see it goes off that staff and so it
gets this line through the middle of it
and that's called C or middle C. And then
this looks kind of like a whole rest,
that's a little different because
instead of hanging below the line like a
whole rest, this is a whole rest that I
just drew, and this is a half rest which
only lasts for two beats, one two, if it
sticks up from the line like this. Okay
so after ♫"dancing"♫ then you're going to
go "one, two." Okay so let's try all of that
so far on the piano. When you see the
rest, go ahead and count it out loud and
then we'll play the D D D, which is "dance
dance dance." There we go. Let's try it on
the piano.
Get your finger 2 ready on D, ready, go.
♫"One two three four,
dance dance dance, rest. One two three
four, dance dance dance, rest, one two three four,
dance dance dance, rest, one two three four,
dancing, one two."♫ Good.
Okay now what I'd like you to do is
press pause and try that on your own.
You're going to count the beat out loud
during those rests, and then play your
DDD and that last time you're going to
play DC. Remember to count the rest out
loud that's going to really help you
keep the beat when we add in the
soundtrack in a minute.
So press pause, practice that on your own,
then press play when you're ready to try
with me.
Ok let's try it with the soundtrack now.
So I'll play along with you and here
comes the music ready and
"1 2 3 4 dance dance dance, rest, 1 2 3 4,
dance dance dance, rest, 1 2 3 4 dance dance dance, rest
1 2 3 4, dancing."♫ Nice job.
Okay, now to make it a little bit trickier
this time I'll sing the Justin
Timberlake part. I know I probably don't
soun ...