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Remember Me (from Pixar's "Coco") - Melody

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Hola y bienvenidos. Soy Joseph Hoffman
and in this lesson I'll be teaching you
how to play the melody for "Remember Me"
from the movie Coco. Let's come to the
piano to get started. First let's talk
about where we're going to place our
hands on your piano or keyboard. These
pinkish purple notes are where your left
hand is going to be. Anytime you see
notes in the bass staff, which the bass
clef looks like this, any notes down here
will be played by the left hand, and
these notes are E F G A and B. These blue
notes are the keys that your right hand
will be taking care of, and as you're
reading "Remember Me", any notes up here in
the treble staff, you'll see this treble
clef here, those notes up on this staff
are going to be played by the right hand
with C D E F and G. Now as we go there's
one place where your right hand will
have to shift up one key higher for this
A, and then towards the end of the song
your right hand will have to shift even
higher all the way up to this C B and A.
So be ready on these three keys as well,
but most of the time your right hand
will be hanging out down here
occasionally shifting up one key and
then right at the end will make a big
shift up as well. Let's go ahead and
place your two hands in this position
and let's get started. The right hand has
the first two notes. Finger 2 plays D
then we step up to E,
and you'll notice on that E there's
this symbol up above called a fermata,
and that symbol means you're going to
hold that note a little extra long. ♫Remember♫ then
it comes down to this C, and then the
left hand plays G. So altogether we get, ♫Remember me♫
Now you try.
Good, now as we're learning
this I encourage you to sing along with
yourself as you play. ♫Remember me♫ That will help you get the notes and rhythms correct. And
then this next phrase we have the first
two notes are in the left hand, actually
the first three notes. We have G E F so we
start on G, skip down, and then step up.
Now you try.
that makes ♫though I have♫ and then the right
hand comes back in on C C D D. Now let's
try the right hand part ♫to say goodbye♫
Now you try
And notice that on that last
note we have another fermata, so we'll go
♫to say goodbye♫ and kind of hold that out a
little extra long. Let's put that
together with the phrase before the
three notes our left hand just played. So
we have G, skip down, step up, and then the
right hand C C D D. ♫Though I have♫
♫to say goodbye♫ Now you try.
Good, then you'll notice this breath mark. That
means you'll take a, just a slight pause.
That breath mark is where a singer would
take a breath. On the piano we'll just
pause for a moment, lift the hand for
just a moment, and then we go on to E E D G
in the left hand for ♫Remember me♫ Now you try.
Good, and then we go on, the right hand plays E,
then steps up to F, steps back to E, two
E's, then two D's. E F E E D D. For, ♫Don't let it make you cry♫ Now you try.
Good, now at any point in this video if
you need some extra time to practice
something, just press pause or rewind,
work on it on your own, and then keep
going. Now let's put all of this together
from the beginning. We had ♫Remember me,♫
Rest, ♫though I have to say goodbye, remember me♫
Rest, rest, ♫Don't let it make you cry♫
Good, now if you'd like to pause and work
on that section on your own, you can feel
free to do that, or if you're ready to
keep going, let's go on to the next
phrase. You'll see this one note down in
the base staff, which means our left hand
will play it finger 1 on B ♫for♫ on
that B, and then it comes right back to
the right hand C. ♫for e-♫ and then here is
where I was talking about before where
we're going to have to reach up one key,
because this next note's an A and we
don't have a finger on A, so we're just
gonna reach up, let all the other fingers
follow along except your thumb. Okay, so watch this,
♫For even if I'm far away♫ See how I did that? 'for e-' then two A's, two G's, two E's. ♫For even if I'm far away♫
Now I'd like you to press pause on the video and try
that a few times on your own from 'For
even if I'm far away' and then stop there,
press pause to work on that section on
your own, then press play to go on.
Okay so you should have been playing ♫For even if I'm far away♫ Then to go
on, our finger 1 is going to reach back
down here to C, or maybe you've kept it
there the whole time and that's fine too.
They can just have stayed there on C,