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We Don't Talk About Bruno

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Hello and welcome.
I'm Joseph Hoffman and in this piano tutorial we're going to learn how to play an easy version of the hit song
"We Don't Talk About Bruno" from Disney's Encanto. Let's come to the piano to get started.
First let's find our position. Our right hand is going to have finger 1 here on middle C, so go ahead and find this on your piano.
Finger 1 on C, 2 on D, 3 on E-flat, 4 on F,
5 on G
Can you play those five notes on your piano?
So, that's the position for the right hand. The left hand will need a finger 1 on B,
finger 2 on A-flat, 3 on G, 4 on F, so those are the
four keys we'll need with the left hand. So can you find this position on your piano, and then we'll be ready to play!
First we have five notes going back and forth, right hand, left hand. ♫We don't talk about♫
So right hand finger 3 on E-flat, 2 on A-flat. ♫We don't talk about♫ Now you try.
Now notice in the music you'll see that flat symbol in front of this note, and a flat symbol lasts the whole measure.
So if you see one note flat, they're all going to be flat up to the bar line. Same with this A-flat in the left hand.
It applies to the next A you see as well.
So just keeping that in mind, ♫We don't talk about Bruno♫
So now I added two more notes. D down to B in the left-hand. Watch again: ♫We don't talk about Bruno♫
And then we'll add the 'no, no, no's' in just a second, but try that far by yourself, go.
Okay, and then the 'no, no, no's' go: ♫no, no, no,♫ Now you try.
So, let's start at 'Bruno' we have ♫Bruno, no, no, no,♫ Now you try.
Good, let's put that all together.
♫We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no,♫
Now pause the video and work on that first line by yourself, then press play when you're ready to go on.
By the way, the notes that I'm teaching you are in the same key as the original version so you can even play the movie soundtrack
and play along with it using these exact notes, and it should sound great.
Let's go on and learn measure three.
Now we have ♫We don't talk♫, and then this time instead of going back down to the A-flat, it's
♫about♫, so notice that little change. This time it's C to E-flat for ♫about♫. Watch again: ♫We don't talk about♫
Now you try.
So you're going to go back and forth. ♫We don't talk♫ and then ♫about♫. Try one more time, go.
And then this time 'Bruno' is F D.
♫Bruno♫ Now you try.
Good, let's put that all together. ♫We don't talk about Bruno♫
Now you try.
Now if you ever need more practice with something, just pause the video you can always rewind. Whatever you need to do to
to get this.
Now let's go on to measure five.
Here we're going to do a left hand cross over.
Watch: ♫Bruno says, "It looks like rain."♫
See, because I needed one extra note on top my left hand's going to come over and help so my right hand can just stay here
in this position. ♫Bruno says, "It looks♫. Notice those five notes are just all stepping up. Try it.
♫Bruno says, "It looks♫ Your turn.
Now for 'like rain' our left hand's going to cross over like to this A-flat finger 3.
♫like rain."♫ and then 'rain' you'll come back to your right hand finger 5. So all together we get:
♫Bruno says, "It looks like rain."♫
Now you try.
Good, and then the next line we get two C's in a row this time. ♫in doing so he floods my brain,♫
So remember you've got to repeat C ♫in do♫, and then it steps up. ♫in doing so he floods my brain,♫
Now you try.
Okay now 'Married in a hurricane' comes next. ♫Married in a hurricane♫
Notice this time your left hand has to play two notes. You're going to step from A-flat up to B-flat.
♫Married in a hurricane♫
Now you try.
Good. Let's listen to this whole section now.
♫Bruno says, "It looks like rain"♫
2 3 4, ♫In doing so he floods my brain♫ 3 4
♫Married in a hurricane♫ 3 4
Now pause the video and work on that section by yourself, then press play to go on.
Now this version I'm teaching you today are just short excerpts from the longer song. I'm just teaching you
the parts that I think are the most fun and simple to play on the piano,
and then you can put it together. Like I said, you can play along with the original track and have a lot of fun with this. In this simplified version it next goes right back to the main theme: ♫We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no.♫
♫We don't talk about Bruno♫ And then we go to
my favorite part: ♫Seven-foot frame rats along his back♫ So let's check that out.
So, we have: 'Seven foot', three C's in the right hand, and then 'frame' left hand plays this A-flat. ♫Seven-foot frame♫
Now you try.
Then our left hand needs to use this B: ♫rats along his back,♫
'rats along his back'. Now you try.
Good le ...